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Signature Twill Shirt Extreme Cut Away

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Sku: 300073511
product number: 6101.31.594
color: light blue
color code eton special: 21

Eton Signature Twill Shirt Extreme Cut Away Light Blue

Product details
The most iconic Eton shirt boasts a versatile business look that includes all-day sharpness. Featuring our wrinkle-free Signature Twill fabric with impeccable draping and perfect luster, it is crafted to perfection with an extreme collar that enhances its exquisite tailoring and enduring style.

  • Collar: extreme cut away
  • Cuff: single cuff
  • Fabric: signature twill
  • 100% cotton
  • Wrinkle-free, easy care
  • Impeccable draping
  • Iconic fabric

Product ID: 30007351121

SKU: 6101.31.594-43

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