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Home Fragrance Diffuser 02 : coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaf

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An elegant fragrance both warm and wild, with sunny inflections of a lavender from the south of France. The aromatic vibration intensifies thanks to the coriander seeds. Then, the honeyed heart is accompanied by a flower of Ylang and anise. A rich and captivating trio. The sweet accents of the Tonka bean bind to the addictive accents of tobacco leaves and cedar. We succumb to temptation.
PS: We are told in the atrium that coriander seed is aphrodisiac.

What does the tobacco leaf smell like?
The absolute is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents from tobacco leaves. It is a warm, honeyed, sweet, aromatic and slightly woody smell that gives a hay, tonka effect to compostions.

Why does honey bring to perfumes?
Honey essential oil does not exist but perfumers recreate the smell of honey by combining different raw materials. This note brings roundness and softness, a facet nourishing and regressive, sunny and hay. Honey and warm notes are found in some solar flowers. Honey is close to the smell of tobacco leaves.

How to used coriander seed in perfumery?
Coriander seed is one of the oldest spices in the world. Its smell is peppery, zesty, washed with a chocolate inflexion. It brings freshness and a touch of bitterness. The essence is obtained through the distillation of seeds reduced to powder. The aromatic herb known in the kitchen is not used in perfumery.

How to use your diffuser?
Allow 24 – 36 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. To improve the diffusion regularly turn the sticks. It is up to you to choose the number of sticks you wish to use. The more sticks you use, the stronger and faster the diffusion. Once finished, don’t throw it away! The glass of the candles and diffuser flasks is recyclable. Bottles will become pretty vases for flowers. A great way to give a second life to these products.

The plastic hunt is on!
We avoid cellophane as much as possible. The cardboard packaging of our diffusers and candles has been carefully chosen because of its dirt-resistant quality. The packaging won’t require an extra layer of plastic film to protect the boxes.

Ingredients :
Ethyl Alcohol (92 %), Otne, Coumarin, Octahydro-Methoxy-Tetramethyl-Methanoazulene, Piperonal.
Cruelty free - Made in France
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