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Eau de parfum 102 : tea, cardamom, mimosa 30ML

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Eau de parfum 102 : A floral green tea 30ML

The top notes burst with colors. Bergamot reveals its floral, green and subtly fruity tones. Underpinned by coriander and cardamom, the tea notes released by this citrus fruit add a breath of freshness.
The heart of this fragrance is structured around a bouquet of three flowers. Mimosa, violet and jasmine combine to unveil a powdery softness, as elegant as it is delicate. A backdrop of musks and oakmoss bring warmth to the trail of this creation.
PS : Nathalie used mimosa from France, for that all important little detail !

What is a tea accord ?
Refreshing, transparent, green and aromatic, in this fragrance, tea is used in the form of an accord as it doesn’t naturally exist as a concentrate. That’s a perfume insider’s way of saying the perfumer draws on several ingredients to create a note that definitively recalls the scent of tea. The sparkling bitterness of bergamot distinctly conjures up the aromas of Earl Grey.
Cardamom is also used to round out this note, while keeping a balance of course : a spice from India with green and cold aspects. Generally speaking, to enhance the tea note, a floral touch is also added to the accord. Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena popularized this accord in 1992 with the creation of Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert. The black tea accord is quite unlike this one, presenting a smokier, woodier, more intense dimension.

Where does mimosa come from ?
Imported from Australia, it is an integral part of the winter landscape in the south of France. It smells divine, but more importantly it is beautiful! These golden, velvety-soft little balls are very fragile and need to be processed quickly to keep their olfactory character. Mimosa absolute is obtained using volatile solvent extraction.
It conjures up the image of the town of Grasse in full bloom, but mimosa is also grown in India, Egypt and Morocco. It is even said that mimosa shrubs were brought back to France from Mexico by Napoleon III’s troops. Its absolute lends fragrances delicately powdery and deliciously honeyed rich and slightly green notes.

Mix & Match :
Combine two fragrances (or three for the most daring) to create your own unique scented trail. Different dosages (one, two, three sprays) will give a unique result.
› 102 x 801 - For a seaside sensation that reveals bright briny notes.
› 102 x 402 - It makes a marvelous pairing, enhancing the combination’s sweet, almost honeyed hints – it’s hot stuff !

How to use it :
Spritz on pulse points like wrists, neck, behind ears, and inner elbows to make your fragrance last longer.
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