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Totem Sand Siloli 2l

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Sku: totem sand 2l
product number: 9900.99.2009
color: diversen
color code baobab: siloli

Baobab Collection Totem Sand Siloli 2l

Product details
The Totem Siloli diffuser is finished with a brown and beige handmade ceramic stopper that matches the colors of the glass. It claims its place in an interior as a unique and refillable decorative object.

The dry woody fragrance of cedar and tonka bean takes us to the wide-open spaces of an equatorial climate, with a touch of lime to give this fragrance an unusual fresh-ness. The sophistication of the olfactory materials is in perfect harmony with that of the glass, striking a beautiful balance between decorative and perfumed object.

SKU: 9900.99.2009-ONE

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