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Soap Women

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Sku: soap
product number: 9900.99.1990
color: diversen
color code baobab: women

Boabab Collection Soap Women

Product details
Round and embossed with the Women motif found in scented candles and body care collections, the Women soap is pale pink with a baobab oil-based formula that is very gentle on the skin and relipidizing. Its floral scent of rose, magnolia and musk spreads like a caress as the soap glides over the skin. An irresistible sensation of comfort.

Wet the soap under water and lather it between your hands, gently melting it into a milky, moisturizing texture that leaves a fragrant, protective film on your body.

The Women solid soap’s floral fragrance is incandescently feminine. With a major accord of rose, its powder pink texture provides a sensation of extreme softness and subtlety, as if surrounded by fragrant petals. A heart note of magnolia makes this perfume a floral explosion. As a base note, musk is added to the floral notes, reinforcing the extreme softness and subtlety of this solid soap. This perfume marks an intention, one that pays homage to women in an explosion of femininity.
SKU: 9900.99.1990-ONE

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