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Soap Miami

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Sku: soap
product number: 9900.99.1986
color: diversen
color code baobab: miami

Baobab Collection Soap Miami

Product details
The Miami soap is embossed with the decor of South Beach's art deco buildings. Its baobab oil-based formula moisturizes the skin, and its aquatic fragrance of sea salt, pine and cypress gives it an intoxicating sensation of freshness.

Wet the soap under water and lather it between your hands, gently melting it into a milky, moisturizing texture that leaves a fragrant, protective film on your body.

The Miami solid soap's bright and aquatic perfume is fresh and intoxicating. With notes of sea salt, pine and cypress, this fragrance truly embodies the scent of sun and summer. Born from a memory on the beaches of South Beach in the early morning, it is the expression of a Miami slowly waking in the fresh morning. The lush vegetation is hydrated with sea spray, as you feel the warmth of the sun slowly evaporating the woody and herbal notes.
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