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Soap Manhattan

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Sku: soap
product number: 9900.99.1988
color: diversen
color code baobab: manhattan

Baobab Collection Soap Manhattan

Product details

The lavender-blue Manhattan soap is embossed with the stylized Chrysler Building. Its aromatic scent of cypress, lavender and papyrus provides a fresh sensation with every application. The soap's Baobab oil-based formula is moisturizing for the skin.

Wet the soap under water and lather it between your hands, gently melting it into a milky, moisturizing texture that leaves a fragrant, protective film on your body.

The aromatic scent of the Manhattan solid soap is both fresh and energetic. The notes of cypress, lavender and papyrus are masculine pairings that offer a very pleasant afterglow on the skin. A fresh feeling with invigorating pairings. This fragrance was born from the memory of a stroll through Manhattan in the spring. When a storm breaks on the upper east side and gives way to a vibrant sun. The asphalt heats up with a very particular metallic smell. The wind rushes through the blocks and spreads the freshness of a changing nature in the heart of Central Park. The walk ends at the Metropolitan Museum where the timeless scent of crumpled papyrus resides.

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