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Arabian Nights Max 35

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Baobab Collection Arabian Nights Max 35

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The Arabian Nights scented candle takes us to the mysterious world of the Middle East. With glass screen-printed with 9 carat gold, it draws its inspiration from the famous moucharabieh, open work motifs found in Arab architecture. Through the glass, the flame appears as it creates an enveloping shadow.

Saffron - Oud - Incense Its fragrance of oud, saffron and incense is an invitation into an imaginary journeyon the land of a thousand and one nights.

Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
MAX 10 10cm 60h 4 wicks 1.3 kg
MAX 16 16cm 150h 4 wicks 2.3 kg
MAX 24 24cm 400h 5 wicks 5.2 kg
MAX 35 35cm 800h 7 wicks 10.35 kg

SKU: 9900.99.1973-ONE

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