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Arabian Nights Dome Gift Box Max 10

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Baobab Collection Arabian Nights Dome Gift Box Max 10

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of the Middle East with the Dôme scented candle Arabian Nights from Baobab Collection. This unique scented candle is part of the exclusive DÔME collection and enchants with an intoxicating aroma of oud, saffron and incense.

Moucharabieh-inspired design.
The round glass vessel of the Arabian Nights scented candle is inspired by the famous Moucharabieh, the openwork patterns of Arabian architecture. The screen-printed decor, decorated with real 24-carat gold, allows the flame to shine through the glass and envelops the surroundings in a fascinating play of light and shadow. The elegant glass vessel is closed with a distinctive dome lid, which not only preserves the aroma of the candle but also creates a stylish and luxurious element in your home.

Scent - Arabian Nights (saffron, oud, incense)
Collection - DÔME
Burn time - 60 hours
Number of wicks - 4

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